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Update JetS3t resources in Maven2 central repository

James Murty
repo owner created an issue

As I feared, my jury-rigged system for automatically updating the central Maven2 repo with updated JetS3t resources is busted.

And so, yet again, I'll get to spend a whole lot of time dealing with the hellishly difficult taks of updating my own project resources in the Maven2 repo... If anyone knows a sane way of going about this please let me know.

The process I had in place that had worked for a couple of years was to use a SourceForge account solely to host the JetS3t Maven2 directory structure, which would then be automatically rsynced to the central repository. See for example http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MAVENUPLOAD-2449

However it looks like that mechanism is broken, perhaps because the directory path has changed on the SourceForge side (to /home/project-web/jets3t/htdocs/maven2).

But from preliminary research it looks like the rsync update method is no longer supported. The place where I filed the original tickets to set up the system1 points me elsewhere, and after actually finding the pointed-at pages 2 from the broken links neither of them mention rsync at all.

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  1. James Murty reporter

    I'll deal with this mess as and when time allows, which won't be any time soon frankly.

    I really need someone who is more familiar with the currently accepted process for getting third-party resources into the Maven2 repo without using maven itself to help me out.

  2. James Murty reporter

    Best I can tell from the sonatype references mentioned above, I will need to manually create a bundle artefact for each of the four JetS3t sub-projects in the central repo (jets3t, jets3t-gui, synchronize, cockpit).

    Each of these bundles will need to include PGP signatures of each file, based on an identifying certificate I don't yet have.

    I would then create a support ticket for the 0.9.0 bundles (or for each bundle) asking for it to be applied to the right place. And someone on the other end will then do some manual work to make it happen.

    Instructions for all these steps will, of course, assume that my project is maven-based and will require liberal re-interpretation and plenty of trial and error to make them work for my non-maven project. </rant>

  3. James Murty reporter

    Thanks David for pointing that out, I was looking in the wrong place.

    This site [1] doesn't have the latest version, and I foolishly thought that because it ranked highly in a Google search for "maven" and "maven jets3t" it was the real central repo. I guess they just have better Google juice.

    Serves me right for carping, when the issue was just embarrassing user error on my part. Closing this ticket now.

    [1]: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/net.java.dev.jets3t

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