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============== nose-pathmunge ============== * Project hosting: <> .. contents:: About ------------------ Written by Jesse Noller Licensed under the Apache Software License, 2.0 You can install it with ``easy_install nose-pathmunge`` What It Does ------------ nose-pathmunge is a plugin to the nose test framework which provides a method to add directories to the sys.path of nose, which is inherited by the tests running within nose. This itch stems from in many of my own cases, the need to add modules to a given run (dependencies) that I don't want to install because they're synced from a source control system, and change frequently. This plugin is extremely simple. It's meant to be. Usage ---------- Usage is simple - install the package, and then execute nosetests like this:: nosetests --with-path=/home/jesse/src --with-path=/other/dir Remember the rules when appending directories to your path - you should add the directory above a module - not the module directory itself, and there needs to be a valid file. For example, the following project layout in subversion:: myproj/ src/ mymodule/ You would add this like this:: nosetests --with-path=/home/jesse/src/myproj/src This would add ``mymodule/...`` to the sys.path for the tests to be able to import. Command line options -------------------- After it is installed, the plugin adds the following command line flags to nosetests:: --with-path=TESTCONFIG Additional directories to add to the nose sys.path [NOSE_ADDITIONAL_PATHS] You can pass in as many paths as you like. I suggest 3, as that's a pleasant number. TODO ---- * Verify works/doesn't work with multiprocess plugin * Add tests Changes & News -------------- 0.1.2: Fix PyPI issues; fix easy_install(ability) 0.1: Initial release. May contain bits of glass.