Joe Bogner  committed 58c62c7

fix bug that prevented closing html tag and caused dupe html tags

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File org-html.html

          TemplateTree (parse Html)
          Lines (readLines "")
          Org (org-parse Lines 0)
-         Model (cons 'org (list Org)))
-         (push 'Model '((X) (if View (renderTree (cons 'org (list (list View))) TemplateTree))))
+         Model (cons 'org (list Org))
+         HeaderTemplate (cdr TemplateTree))
+         #need to find a more robust way to do this
+         (push 'Model '((X) (if View (renderTree (cons 'org (list (list View))) HeaderTemplate))))
          (push 'Model 'orgt)
          (prinl (renderTree Model TemplateTree))))

File picostache.l

                 (case (car Token)
                     ("#" (addCell 'Section (cdr Token) T)) 
                     ("~" (addCell 'NonSection (cdr Token) T)) 
-                    ("/" (addCell NIL (cdr Token) T ) (pop 'Levels) (setq RootPtr Levels))
+                    ("/" (addCell NIL (cdr Token) T ) (pop 'Levels) (setq RootPtr (or Levels Root)))
                     (T (addCell 'Name Token T)) )
                 (setq C (nth C (+ (length *DELIM_S) (length Token) (length *DELIM_E))))) ) ) 
     (addCell NIL NIL T)