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 1. A plain text (org) file for blog entries and configuration
-2. Public/private posts
+2. Web interface for updating entries (version controlled through git)
+3. Public/private posts
+## pre-requisites
+1. git 
+2. mcrypt, base64, md5sum 
 ## setup
 (load "picostache.l")
 (allow "*Text" "*Username" "*Password")
-(setq File "")
-(setq *Dir ".")
+# (setq File "")
+# (setq *Dir ".")
 # you can store blog in a subdir so that it's independently version controlled from the source
-# (setq File "org/")
-# (setq *Dir "org")
+(setq File "org/")
+(setq *Dir "org")
 # change the salt!
 (setq *Salt "zzzzz")
 <a href="/!login">login</a>
+<a href="/!admin">admin</a> | 
 <a href="/!logout">logout</a>