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Issue #5 resolved
Sarah Bridle created an issue

Call me fussy, but I'm not keen on seeing demo output files appearing in my cosmosis main directory.

I like the way the plots go into the plots directory, although being a pedant I'd quite like the demo plots to go in a plots directory inside the demos directory.

I think I'd like the output from demo 1 to go in demos/demo_output_1/

The single output file from demo 3 can go in demos/

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  1. Sarah Bridle reporter

    vvv pedantic, but while we're about it, our output filenames are not consistent: demo3_output.txt demo5.txt I like the format for demo3. I think better to call demo5.txt demo5_output.txt

  2. Dida Markovic

    I would also find it useful if there were a cosmosis-wide output directory just as there is a plots directory. Maybe even better would be an optional path variable set at the end of the installation stage that would allow output and input directories outside the cosmosis directory? This would be nice so that running the code would not modify anything within cosmosis.

  3. Dale Mellor

    I've assigned this to myself as I have a version of Cosmosis which does pretty much what you ask, though it will be a little time before it is stable and in a state to commit to the repository without upsetting people.

    Watch this space....

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