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Be able to use number instead of person as recipient

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 name_arg = codecs.decode(argv[1], 'utf-8')
 if name_arg.isdigit() or name_arg.startswith('+') and name_arg[1:].isdigit():
 	number = name_arg
+	print 'Message to %s' % number
 	matches = sorted(match_contacts(name_arg))
 		number = matches[0][1]['phone'][0]
-pri, person = matches[0]
+	pri, person = matches[0]
-print 'Message to %s %s: %s (priority %d)' % (person['first'], person['last'], person['phone'][0], pri)
+	print 'Message to %s %s: %s (priority %d)' % (person['first'], person['last'], person['phone'][0], pri)
 if len(argv) == 2:
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