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Add IO syntax highlighting

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File plugin/shebang.vim

 " Shebang: Automatically set shebang based on the filetype
 " Author:  Johannes Hoff
-" Date:    Dec 13, 2010
+" Date:    Jun 6, 2012
 function! SetExecutableBit()
 	" This function is taken from

File plugin/vimrc.vim

 autocmd! BufNewFile,BufRead *.frag,*.vert    setlocal ft=glsl
 autocmd! BufNewFile,BufRead *.fp,*.vp,*.glsl setlocal ft=glsl
 autocmd! BufNewFile,BufRead *.nut            setlocal ft=squirrel
+autocmd! BufNewFile,BufRead *.as             setlocal ft=javascript
+autocmd! BufNewFile,BufRead *.io             setlocal ft=io
 autocmd! BufNewFile,BufRead *                call Detect_space_or_tab()

File syntax/io.vim

+" Vim Syntax File
+" Language:     Io
+" Creator:      Scott Dunlop <>
+" Fixes:        Manpreet Singh <>
+"               Jonathan Wright <>
+"               Erik Garrison <>
+" Last Change:  2006 Nov 16
+if version < 600
+    syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+    finish
+syntax case match
+" equivalent to io-mode-prototype-names in io-mode.el
+syntax keyword xType Array AudioDevice AudioMixer Block Box Buffer CFunction
+syntax keyword xType CGI Color Curses DBM DNSResolver DOConnection DOProxy
+syntax keyword xType DOServer Date Directory Duration DynLib Error Exception
+syntax keyword xType FFT File Fnmatch Font Future GL GLE GLScissor GLU
+syntax keyword xType GLUCylinder GLUQuadric GLUSphere GLUT Host Image Importer
+syntax keyword xType LinkList List Lobby Locals MD5 MP3Decoder MP3Encoder Map
+syntax keyword xType Message Movie Notification Number Object
+syntax keyword xType OpenGL Point Protos Regex SGML SGMLElement SGMLParser SQLite Server Sequence
+syntax keyword xType ShowMessage SleepyCat SleepyCatCursor Socket
+syntax keyword xType SocketManager Sound Soup Store String Tree UDPSender
+syntax keyword xType UPDReceiver URL User Warning WeakLink
+syntax keyword xType true false nil Random BigNum Sequence
+" equivalent to io-mode-message-names in io-mode.el
+syntax keyword xKeyword activate activeCoroCount and asString block break
+syntax keyword xKeyword catch clone collectGarbage compileString continue
+syntax keyword xKeyword do doFile doMessage doString else elseif exit for
+syntax keyword xKeyword foreach forward getSlot getenv hasSlot if ifFalse
+syntax keyword xKeyword ifNil ifNilEval ifTrue isActive isNil isResumable list message
+syntax keyword xKeyword method or parent pass pause perform
+syntax keyword xKeyword performWithArgList print println proto raise raiseResumable
+syntax keyword xKeyword removeSlot resend resume return
+syntax keyword xKeyword schedulerSleepSeconds self sender
+syntax keyword xKeyword setSchedulerSleepSeconds setSlot shallowCopy
+syntax keyword xKeyword slotNames super system then thisBlock thisContext
+syntax keyword xKeyword call try type uniqueId updateSlot wait while
+syntax keyword xKeyword write yield
+syntax region xOperator start=':' end='='
+syntax region xOperator start='!' end='='
+syntax region xOperator start='\.' end='\.'
+syntax region xOperator start='\.' end='[^\.]'he=e-1
+syntax region xOperator start='=' end='='
+syntax region xOperator start='=' end=' 'he=e-1
+syntax region xOperator start='[*>=+-]' end='[ 0-9]'he=e-1
+syntax region xString start=/"/ skip=/\\./ end=/"/
+syntax region xString start=/"""/ skip=/\\./ end=/"""/
+syntax region xComment start='#' end='$' keepend
+syntax region xComment start=/\/\*/ end=/\*\//
+syntax region xComment start=/\/\// end=/$/ keepend
+highlight link xType Type
+highlight link xKeyword Keyword
+highlight link xString String
+highlight link xComment Comment
+highlight link xOperator Operator
+highlight Operator ctermfg=5
+let b:current_syntax = "io"