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Added syntax file for squirrel

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File syntax/squirrel.vim

+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: Squirrel (
+" Maintainer: YASUHIRO.Kanda <>
+" Last Change: 08-Mar-2010.
+" Filenames: *.nut
+" Version: 0.2
+" how to install
+"  1. make folder
+"     %VIMHOME%/after/syntax
+"  2. copy "squrrel.vim" to
+"     %VIMHOME%/after/syntax
+"  3. in .vimrc
+"     au BufNewFile,BufRead *.nut setf squirrel
+syn case match
+syn keyword sqStatement		clone delegate resume return this parent constructor
+syn keyword sqStatement		vargc vargv yield class extends
+syn keyword sqConditional	else if switch case default
+syn keyword sqExeption		try catch throw
+syn keyword sqRepeat		for while continue break
+syn keyword sqOperator		in delete typeof instanceof
+syn keyword sqFunction		function
+syn keyword sqStorageClass	local static
+syn keyword sqConstant		null
+syn keyword sqBoolean		true false
+" Comments
+syn region sqCommentL start="\/\/" skip="\\$" end="$" keepend
+syn region sqComment  start=+/\*+ end=+\*/+
+" Strings
+syn region sqString start=+"+ skip=+\\"+ end=+"+
+syn region sqString start=+@"+ skip=+\\"+ end=+"+
+" Numbers (decimal, octadecimal, hexadecimal, floating point number)
+syn match sqNumberD "\<[1-9]\=\d\+\>" display 
+syn match sqNumberH "\<0[xX]\x\+\>" display
+syn match sqNumberO "\<0\o\>" display
+syn match sqFloat "\<\d[\.][e\|E]\=[\-]\=\d\+\>" display
+hi def link sqStatement     Statement
+hi def link sqConditional   Conditional
+hi def link sqException     Exception
+hi def link sqLabel         Label
+hi def link sqRepeat        Repeat
+hi def link sqOperator      Operator
+hi def link sqFunction      Function
+hi def link sqStorageClass  StorageClass
+hi def link sqConstant      Constant
+hi def link sqBoolean       Boolean
+hi def link sqComment       Comment
+hi def link sqCommentL		Comment
+hi def link sqString        String
+hi def link sqCharacter     Character
+hi def link sqFloat         Float
+hi def link sqNumberD		Number
+hi def link sqNumberO		Number
+hi def link sqNumberH		Number
+hi def link sqKeyword		Keyword
+syn sync maxlines=50
+let b:current_syntax = "squirrel"