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Coffee script syntax

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+" Language:    CoffeeScript
+" Maintainer:  Mick Koch <kchmck@gmail.com>
+" URL:         http://github.com/kchmck/vim-coffee-script
+" License:     WTFPL
+" Bail if our syntax is already loaded.
+if exists('b:current_syntax') && b:current_syntax == 'coffee'
+  finish
+" Include JavaScript for coffeeEmbed.
+syn include @coffeeJS syntax/javascript.vim
+" Highlight long strings.
+syn sync minlines=100
+" CoffeeScript identifiers can have dollar signs.
+setlocal isident+=$
+" These are `matches` instead of `keywords` because vim's highlighting
+" priority for keywords is higher than matches. This causes keywords to be
+" highlighted inside matches, even if a match says it shouldn't contain them --
+" like with coffeeAssign and coffeeDot.
+syn match coffeeStatement /\<\%(return\|break\|continue\|throw\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeStatement Statement
+syn match coffeeRepeat /\<\%(for\|while\|until\|loop\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeRepeat Repeat
+syn match coffeeConditional /\<\%(if\|else\|unless\|switch\|when\|then\)\>/
+\                           display
+hi def link coffeeConditional Conditional
+syn match coffeeException /\<\%(try\|catch\|finally\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeException Exception
+syn match coffeeKeyword /\<\%(new\|in\|of\|by\|and\|or\|not\|is\|isnt\|class\|extends\|super\|do\)\>/
+\                       display
+" The `own` keyword is only a keyword after `for`.
+syn match coffeeKeyword /\<for\s\+own\>/ contained containedin=coffeeRepeat
+\                       display
+hi def link coffeeKeyword Keyword
+syn match coffeeOperator /\<\%(instanceof\|typeof\|delete\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeOperator Operator
+" The first case matches symbol operators only if they have an operand before.
+syn match coffeeExtendedOp /\%(\S\s*\)\@<=[+\-*/%&|\^=!<>?.]\{-1,}\|[-=]>\|--\|++\|:/
+\                          display
+syn match coffeeExtendedOp /\<\%(and\|or\)=/ display
+hi def link coffeeExtendedOp coffeeOperator
+" This is separate from `coffeeExtendedOp` to help differentiate commas from
+" dots.
+syn match coffeeSpecialOp /[,;]/ display
+hi def link coffeeSpecialOp SpecialChar
+syn match coffeeBoolean /\<\%(true\|on\|yes\|false\|off\|no\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeBoolean Boolean
+syn match coffeeGlobal /\<\%(null\|undefined\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeGlobal Type
+" A special variable
+syn match coffeeSpecialVar /\<\%(this\|prototype\|arguments\)\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeSpecialVar Special
+" An @-variable
+syn match coffeeSpecialIdent /@\%(\I\i*\)\?/ display
+hi def link coffeeSpecialIdent Identifier
+" A class-like name that starts with a capital letter
+syn match coffeeObject /\<\u\w*\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeObject Structure
+" A constant-like name in SCREAMING_CAPS
+syn match coffeeConstant /\<\u[A-Z0-9_]\+\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeConstant Constant
+" A variable name
+syn cluster coffeeIdentifier contains=coffeeSpecialVar,coffeeSpecialIdent,
+\                                     coffeeObject,coffeeConstant
+" A non-interpolated string
+syn cluster coffeeBasicString contains=@Spell,coffeeEscape
+" An interpolated string
+syn cluster coffeeInterpString contains=@coffeeBasicString,coffeeInterp
+" Regular strings
+syn region coffeeString start=/"/ skip=/\\\\\|\\"/ end=/"/
+\                       contains=@coffeeInterpString
+syn region coffeeString start=/'/ skip=/\\\\\|\\'/ end=/'/
+\                       contains=@coffeeBasicString
+hi def link coffeeString String
+" A integer, including a leading plus or minus
+syn match coffeeNumber /\i\@<![-+]\?\d\+\%([eE][+-]\?\d\+\)\?/ display
+" A hex, binary, or octal number
+syn match coffeeNumber /\<0[xX]\x\+\>/ display
+syn match coffeeNumber /\<0[bB][01]\+\>/ display
+syn match coffeeNumber /\<0[oO][0-7]\+\>/ display
+hi def link coffeeNumber Number
+" A floating-point number, including a leading plus or minus
+syn match coffeeFloat /\i\@<![-+]\?\d*\.\@<!\.\d\+\%([eE][+-]\?\d\+\)\?/
+\                     display
+hi def link coffeeFloat Float
+" An error for reserved keywords
+if !exists("coffee_no_reserved_words_error")
+  syn match coffeeReservedError /\<\%(case\|default\|function\|var\|void\|with\|const\|let\|enum\|export\|import\|native\|__hasProp\|__extends\|__slice\|__bind\|__indexOf\|implements\|interface\|let\|package\|private\|protected\|public\|static\|yield\)\>/
+  \                             display
+  hi def link coffeeReservedError Error
+" A normal object assignment
+syn match coffeeObjAssign /@\?\I\i*\s*\ze::\@!/ contains=@coffeeIdentifier display
+hi def link coffeeObjAssign Identifier
+syn keyword coffeeTodo TODO FIXME XXX contained
+hi def link coffeeTodo Todo
+syn match coffeeComment /#.*/ contains=@Spell,coffeeTodo
+hi def link coffeeComment Comment
+syn region coffeeBlockComment start=/####\@!/ end=/###/
+\                             contains=@Spell,coffeeTodo
+hi def link coffeeBlockComment coffeeComment
+" A comment in a heregex
+syn region coffeeHeregexComment start=/#/ end=/\ze\/\/\/\|$/ contained
+\                               contains=@Spell,coffeeTodo
+hi def link coffeeHeregexComment coffeeComment
+" Embedded JavaScript
+syn region coffeeEmbed matchgroup=coffeeEmbedDelim
+\                      start=/`/ skip=/\\\\\|\\`/ end=/`/
+\                      contains=@coffeeJS
+hi def link coffeeEmbedDelim Delimiter
+syn region coffeeInterp matchgroup=coffeeInterpDelim start=/#{/ end=/}/ contained
+\                       contains=@coffeeAll
+hi def link coffeeInterpDelim PreProc
+" A string escape sequence
+syn match coffeeEscape /\\\d\d\d\|\\x\x\{2\}\|\\u\x\{4\}\|\\./ contained display
+hi def link coffeeEscape SpecialChar
+" A regex -- must not follow a parenthesis, number, or identifier, and must not
+" be followed by a number
+syn region coffeeRegex start=/\%(\%()\|\i\@<!\d\)\s*\|\i\)\@<!\/=\@!\s\@!/
+\                      skip=/\[[^\]]\{-}\/[^\]]\{-}\]/
+\                      end=/\/[gimy]\{,4}\d\@!/
+\                      oneline contains=@coffeeBasicString
+hi def link coffeeRegex String
+" A heregex
+syn region coffeeHeregex start=/\/\/\// end=/\/\/\/[gimy]\{,4}/
+\                        contains=@coffeeInterpString,coffeeHeregexComment
+\                        fold
+hi def link coffeeHeregex coffeeRegex
+" Heredoc strings
+syn region coffeeHeredoc start=/"""/ end=/"""/ contains=@coffeeInterpString
+\                        fold
+syn region coffeeHeredoc start=/'''/ end=/'''/ contains=@coffeeBasicString
+\                        fold
+hi def link coffeeHeredoc String
+" An error for trailing whitespace, as long as the line isn't just whitespace
+if !exists("coffee_no_trailing_space_error")
+  syn match coffeeSpaceError /\S\@<=\s\+$/ display
+  hi def link coffeeSpaceError Error
+" An error for trailing semicolons, for help transitioning from JavaScript
+if !exists("coffee_no_trailing_semicolon_error")
+  syn match coffeeSemicolonError /;$/ display
+  hi def link coffeeSemicolonError Error
+" Ignore reserved words in dot accesses.
+syn match coffeeDotAccess /\.\@<!\.\s*\I\i*/he=s+1 contains=@coffeeIdentifier
+hi def link coffeeDotAccess coffeeExtendedOp
+" Ignore reserved words in prototype accesses.
+syn match coffeeProtoAccess /::\s*\I\i*/he=s+2 contains=@coffeeIdentifier
+hi def link coffeeProtoAccess coffeeExtendedOp
+" This is required for interpolations to work.
+syn region coffeeCurlies matchgroup=coffeeCurly start=/{/ end=/}/
+\                        contains=@coffeeAll
+syn region coffeeBrackets matchgroup=coffeeBracket start=/\[/ end=/\]/
+\                         contains=@coffeeAll
+syn region coffeeParens matchgroup=coffeeParen start=/(/ end=/)/
+\                       contains=@coffeeAll
+" These are highlighted the same as commas since they tend to go together.
+hi def link coffeeBlock coffeeSpecialOp
+hi def link coffeeBracket coffeeBlock
+hi def link coffeeCurly coffeeBlock
+hi def link coffeeParen coffeeBlock
+" This is used instead of TOP to keep things coffee-specific for good
+" embedding. `contained` groups aren't included.
+syn cluster coffeeAll contains=coffeeStatement,coffeeRepeat,coffeeConditional,
+\                              coffeeException,coffeeKeyword,coffeeOperator,
+\                              coffeeExtendedOp,coffeeSpecialOp,coffeeBoolean,
+\                              coffeeGlobal,coffeeSpecialVar,coffeeSpecialIdent,
+\                              coffeeObject,coffeeConstant,coffeeString,
+\                              coffeeNumber,coffeeFloat,coffeeReservedError,
+\                              coffeeObjAssign,coffeeComment,coffeeBlockComment,
+\                              coffeeEmbed,coffeeRegex,coffeeHeregex,
+\                              coffeeHeredoc,coffeeSpaceError,
+\                              coffeeSemicolonError,coffeeDotAccess,
+\                              coffeeProtoAccess,coffeeCurlies,coffeeBrackets,
+\                              coffeeParens
+if !exists('b:current_syntax')
+  let b:current_syntax = 'coffee'