Johannes Köster committed 0f30e6d

Allow non-string params.

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                 value = wildcards[name]
                 if fail_dynamic and value == dynamic_fill:
                     raise WildcardError(name)
-                return value
+                return str(value)  # convert anything into a str
             except KeyError as ex:
                 if fill_missing:
                     return dynamic_fill


 from import IOFile, _IOFile, protected, temp, dynamic, Namedlist
 from import expand, InputFiles, OutputFiles, Wildcards, Params
-from import apply_wildcards, is_flagged
+from import apply_wildcards, is_flagged, not_iterable
 from snakemake.exceptions import RuleException, IOFileException, WildcardError
 __author__ = "Johannes Köster"
                 start = len(newitems)
                 if callable(item):
                     items = item(wildcards_obj)
-                    if isinstance(items, str):
+                    if not_iterable(item):
                         items = [items]
                     for item_ in items:
                         concrete = concretize(item_, wildcards)
                         if ruleio is not None:
                             ruleio[concrete] = item_
-                    if isinstance(item, str):
+                    if not_iterable(item):
                         item = [item]
                     for item_ in item:
                         concrete = concretize(item_, wildcards)
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