Johannes Köster committed becb1a6

Fixed a NonType error occuring if an input function returns more than one file.

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File snakemake/

             for name, item in olditems.allitems():
                 start = len(newitems)
                 if callable(item):
-                    items = item(wildcards_obj)
+                    item = item(wildcards_obj)
                     if not_iterable(item):
-                        items = [items]
-                    for item_ in items:
+                        item = [item]
+                    for item_ in item:
                         concrete = concretize(item_, wildcards)
                         if ruleio is not None:

File tests/test01/Snakefile

 rule rule2:
 	input: testin
 	output: 'test.inter'
-	message: 'Copying {input[0]} to {output[0]}'
+#	message: 'Copying {input[0]} to {output[0]}'
 		cp {input[0]} {output[0]}