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 Like with GNU Make, in Snakemake you first specify targets in terms of a pseudo rule, and then how they are created via one or more steps of subsequent rule applications. Rules can be generalized via wildcards (here `{dataset}`). Everything is propagated top-down, i.e. here Snakemake determines that for the file `"plots/dataset1.pdf"` the rule plot has to be applied with wildcard `{dataset} = dataset1` to the file `raw/dataset1.csv`. How the files are created is specified either with a shell command or python code. Further, Snakemake can interface with R to specify R code inside rules. Also see the [FAQ](FAQ) to get an impression of the basic idea behind Snakemake. Also there is a [Getting Started with Snakemake and Qsub
-](Getting Started Guide).
+](Getting Started with Snakemake and Qsub) Guide.
 # Usage #
 We provide a [Documentation](Documentation), a [Tutorial](Tutorial) for a particular bioinformatics application a [FAQ](FAQ) and further [Examples](Examples). If you have further questions, please feel free to join our new [Forums](