DID Provider Demo Project

This is a project used to demonstrate Contentious Integration using Atlassian Bamboo. It includes automated testing, code quality analysis, external load/performance testing, automation of API documentaion, and much more.

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About the Project

The project is simulating a DID Provider, that is, a supplier of phone numbers. The DID Provider holds large pools of phone numbers in multiple countries, which clients can purchase for a nominal fee. To purchase a DID, you must first lock a "range" of numbers. This lock exists for 15 minutes (can be up for change). Each lock has a unique lock code. From the range of locked numbers you are allowed to pick one number, which you allocate with an API call together with the lock code. The non-chosen numbers are returned to the "number pool" of available numbers.

It's based on a LAMP-stack using:
CentOS 6.6
PHP 5.3
MySQL 5.6
Apache 2.2

You can also check out my article on how to setup a virtual LAMP-stack on VirtualBox.

Code Base

You probably want the development branch...