This is Bricolage, a mutant Frankenstein 3d/2d engine built out of
various FOSS components. 

The build system is based on SCons. So far the code has been tested
with win7 / mingw / gcc-4.4.0 and Linux Mint Debian / gcc-4.5.0. 

Prior to building the file in the root directory needs
editing, to be set to the correct platform and build options. The
GLFW build is unspported at present.

Options are: 
'DEBUG'  (Set to 1 for a non-optimised build with debug info)
'SYNTAX' (used by emacs flymake
'USE_SDL' (Set to 1 to use SDL for rendering / events)
'BUILDPLATFORM' ( 'posix' or 'win32' )

To build, on Windows ensure mingw (32bit) is on your path the win32
cmd shell (msys probably confuses SCons) and type "scons all". All library
dependencies are included.

To build on Linux, simply type "scons all"

If you want a debug build type "scons debug=1" this will build with 
asserts and memory allocation checking turned on.

The examples are meant to be run from the root build dir - ie in the
directory you cloned bricolage to run ie :