This is the associated code for Horton and Chilton (2010) ```The Labor Economics of Paid Crowdsourcing.'' The paper is available at:

  1. My website:
  2. ACM Digital Library
  3. arXiv:
  4. SSRN:

Citation Info

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The repository is set up to make it transparent how the final PDF is constructed from the raw data. To replicate, you will need a Linux or Mac OX machine that has the following installed:

  1. R
  2. pdflatex
  3. make

To replicate the data analysis, you will need several R packages. Inspect the file writeup/labor_supply.Rnw to see if you are missing anything.

Download the repository from github

git clone

Build the PDF

From /labor_economics_of_paid_crowdsourcing, run:

cd writeup
make labor_supply.pdf

This should download the necessary data files and decrypt them. It will also run the statistical analysis in R and then produce plots and tables. Finally, it will build the pdf file using pdflatex, leaving the resultant labor_supply.pdf in the /writing folder. To see the actual steps that are being followed, you can inspect writeup\Makefile.

If you run into any trouble replicating, please contact me at