The main goal is to get Dozo is the base of one application of line command for create and run your own code written in python as options own of Dopyceo.


If you have Setup Tools installed (along with Python) in your machine you can do:

sudo pip install dopyceo

If you download the tar.gz file or the source code, use the file to install it:

python install

How do Use?

Specify the directory that will have your own code, with the option:

dopyceo path_extend -path /home/dopyceo/dopyceo_extend

Indicate the name of your own choice dozo extended to create, with the option:

dopyceo create -name hello

Run your choice, with the option:

dopyceo hello
Please use option:
    dopyceo hello -name Juan

dopyceo hello -name Juan
Option: hello
Name : Juan


version Shows the current installed version

config_add Add config value

config_del Delete config value

config_export Export the current configuration values used

config_import Import the configuration values new

config_values Displays the current configuration values used

create Create your own option command

path_extend Path to extend options commands

Questions? Requests?

Fork the project and start contributing.

If you have any ideas or suggestions send me an email: jmonteroc at gmail dot com