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Upgraded to OSTN15. Still kept OSTN02 available, usable via an enum parameter. Added unit tests using the input/output files provided by Ordnance Survey.
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The project allows for a conversion from GPS coordinates to British National Grid and back again. The product is available as a NuGet package (GeoUK). GeoUK was built as a Portable Class Library project (Profile 78) and as such can be added to Visual Studio or Xamarin and runs against .Net 4.5+, Windows Phone 8+, Xamarin.IOS/Android, Windows 8 Store Apps and so on. The product is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


The GeoUk.OSTN project, also available as a NuGet package (GeoUK.OSTN) Adds OSTN02 and OSTN15 transformation which provide a greater accuracy. A full description of how to use this package can be found in the CodeProject article Converting Latitude and Longitude to British National Grid in C#