Aaron Bull Schaefer  committed 86445fe

Switch salt-master metaparameter from 'notify' to 'before'

This is a weird behavior I've seen with Puppet where 'notify' doesn't
alway handle the current state of services as expected. Ideally the
salt-master daemon should be notified to restart whenever there are
config file changes, however that doesn't work with the initial setup in
this case, so we're stuck using 'before' instead.

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File provision/modules/salt/manifests/server.pp

     mode    => '0640',
     source  => 'puppet:///modules/salt/master.conf',
     require => Package[ 'salt-master' ],
-    notify  => Service[ 'salt-master' ],
+    before  => Service[ 'salt-master' ],
   service { 'salt-master':