Khromaxul is a collection of XUL widgets to create an advanced color chooser.

Its initial purpose is to create an extension for Komodo, but these XBL
elements could easily be reused by any XUL project, extension, or
xulrunner application.

version :   +VERSION+ - +DATE+
author:     nicolas Martin <joliclic@gmail.com>
homepage:   http://joliclic.free.fr/mozilla/khromaxul/
license:    MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1, or later

   Laurent Jouanneau  <laurent@xulfr.org>

If you use this code in a project, I will be happy if you let me know, but
there's no obligation ;) . 



    demo/           an advanced XUL demo
    doc/            XHTML Documentation
        lib/        JavaScript modules
        xbl/        widgets
    tests/          simple XUL tests of the widgets
    readme.txt      this file


0.4 :
  - added support of alpha channel in colors (rgba, hsla, hsva)
  - added support of "transparent" and "inherit" keyword in the css parser
  - unified API on kh-colorbox, kh-colorbutton and kh-palette
  - refactorisation of code of some widgets
0.3 :
  - fix an error in HSL->RGB conversion
  - new js lib kh-schemer.js, color schemes generator (monochromatics, triads,
    tetrads, complement, tints, shades, tones,..)
  - new elements kh-wheelscheme and kh-radiusscheme
  - new version of the komodo extension, with schemers
O.2.2 :
  - the kh-hsvpicker[type="wheel"] element now works inside a XBL.
    Thanks Laurent

0.2.1 :
  - the kh-hsvpicker[type="wheel"] element (the "wheel picker") should now work
    with gecko 1.9.1.
  - kh-color.js: add support of the HSL color space (constructor, conversions).
    cssToRGB() recognize some new patterns (hsv(n, n, n), hsl(n, n, n) and
    hsl(n, n%, n%)), and all CSS name optionaly (constant defined in a separated

0.1 : first publication
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