pyjon.descriptors is a standardized way of describing a file and to get a generator that yields python objects from that file to your program.

The yielded python objects contain attributes that are defined in an XML schema and their types and content are garanteed by pyjon.descriptors.

The provided readers are csv, xml (specific schema) and fixedlen readers but more can be written easily.

Running the tests

install the tests requirements:

$ pip install --upgrade tox

the run the test suite and generate the coverage report with the following command:

$ tox

you should now have a directory called coverage_html_report with a file named index.html inside

Python 3 compatibility

pyjon.descriptors should work just fine on Python 3.

Note about upgrading from previous versions: "dirty" XML files (with custom "rc" tags) are no longer supported.


in oder of appeareance on the project

  • Florent Aide
  • Jonathan Schemoul
  • Jerôme Collette
  • Mathieu Bridon
  • Emmanuel Cazenave
  • Houzéfa Abbasbhay