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fixed return value of await generator.

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File pypy/interpreter/

             new_frame.locals_stack_w[i] = w_arg
         result =
-        self._wrap_await_result(result)
+        result = self._wrap_await_result(result)
         return result
     def _wrap_await_result(self, result):
         # flag? (Set by the ast.)
         from pypy.interpreter.pycode import PyCode
         from pypy.interpreter.astcompiler.consts import CO_GENERATOR, CO_AWAIT_GENERATOR
-        #is_await_generator = isinstance(code, PyCode) and (self.getcode().co_flags & CO_AWAIT_GENERATOR)
         is_await_generator = (self.getcode().co_flags & CO_AWAIT_GENERATOR)
         # If so, and if an I/O schedular is set, get the result through the