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Pypy fork which implements the 'await' keyword for Python for asyncronous programming.

Extension Author: Jonathan Slenders, Mobile Vikings

This extension aims to provide a more user-friendly syntax for asyncronous programming. It was inspired by c#, which also supports the async/await keywords.

The idea is that 'await', just like 'yield' creates a generator, only is this generator flagged as a special one, which creates an async scope, and that it allows a return statement inside.

Two methods were added to the interpreter: sys.setawaithandler and sys.setawaitresultwrapper, they both accept one paramter which should be a callable. The first should be used to register an I/O schedular. This function will receive the generator object when such an async method has been called; the result of this method will be returned instead. The second wrapper function is used to wrap the return value of the generator. It's impossible to return values from a generator, but the return value will be turned into an additional yield statement, first wrapped through this function, so that the I/O schedular can recognize this final yield as the result value.


>>>> import sys
>>>> def wrapper(generator):
....    print 'before'
....    for i in generator:
....        print i
....    print 'after'
....    # return AsyncTask()
>>>> def result_wrapper(result):
....     return '< %s >' % result
>>>> def g():
....  a = await 1
....  b = await 2
....  return 'result'
>>>> g()
<generator object g at 0x0ae9272c>
>>>> sys.setawaithandler(wrapper)
>>>> sys.setawaitresultwrapper(result_wrapper)
>>>> g()
< result >

This can be used for all kinds of asyncronous frameworks where you prefer to have at least some kind of syntax to indicate delegation to the asyncronous I/O loop.

For Twisted Matrix for instance, the following code:

def async_function(deferred_param):
    a = yield deferred_param
    b = yield some_call(a)
    yield defer.returnValue(b)

can now be written as:

def async_function(deferred_param):
    a = await deferred_param
    b = await some_call(a)
    return b

PyPy: Python in Python Implementation

Welcome to PyPy!

PyPy is both an implementation of the Python programming language, and an extensive compiler framework for dynamic language implementations. You can build self-contained Python implementations which execute independently from CPython.

The home page is:


The getting-started document will help guide you:


It will also point you to the rest of the documentation which is generated from files in the pypy/doc directory within the source repositories. Enjoy and send us feedback!

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