Issue #37 resolved

add `uru nil` that switches to base PATH

repo owner created an issue

For environments without a system ruby (ruby added to PATH at shell startup) there is no way to cause uru to switch the the users base PATH without restarting the shell.

In that scenario, once uru places a ruby on PATH there is no easy way to revert to a clean pre-uru-ruby-infected base PATH.

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  1. Jon reporter

    Should an existing GEM_HOME be persisted in the registry for use with uru nil or should uru nil simply reset PATH and remove/null GEM_HOME?

    Definitely not in the registry or a standalone session file.

    Perhaps store any initial GEM_HOME into a non-persisted URU_ORIG_GEM_HOME envar?

  2. Jon reporter

    Initial uru nil implementation. Closes #37

    Removes any non-system ruby from PATH and sets GEM_HOME to an empty string. This GEM_HOME behavior will clobber any original "system" GEM_HOME the user may have set as part of their shell initialization. Investigate persisting original GEM_HOME in a URU_ORIGINAL_GEM_HOME envar if current behavior causes problems.

    → <<cset f605df8a46dd>>

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