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uru / Scoop


Scoop is a command line installer for Windows for easy installation of applications. Simply open a PowerShell window and run

scoop install

While uru is currently deciding how best to utilize scoop, uru's latest scoop manifest file uru.json will also be distributed as a download to allow local installs.

Install scoop

The scoop project provides a detailed quick start, but here's a typical scoop installation:

PS C:\> $psversiontable.psversion.major

PS C:\> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -scope CurrentUser

PS C:\> iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')
Creating shim...
Adding ~\scoop\shims to your path.
Scoop was installed successfully!
Type 'scoop help' for instructions.

Install uru

PS C:\> scoop install
Installing '7zip' (18.01) [64bit]
7z1801-x64.msi (1.6 MB) [=================================================================] 100%
Checking hash of 7z1801-x64.msi... ok.
Extracting... done.
Linking ~\scoop\apps\7zip\current => ~\scoop\apps\7zip\18.01
Creating shim for '7z'.
Creating shortcut for 7zip (7zFM.exe)
'7zip' (18.01) was installed successfully!
Installing 'uru' (0.8.5) [64bit]
uru-0.8.5-windows-x86.7z (573.8 KB) [=====================================================] 100%
Checking hash of uru-0.8.5-windows-x86.7z... ok.
Extracting... done.
Linking ~\scoop\apps\uru\current => ~\scoop\apps\uru\0.8.5
Running post-install script...
---> Writing uru v0.8.5 wrapper scripts to C:\Users\jmaken\scoop\shims
'uru' (0.8.5) was installed successfully!

PS C:\> scoop list
Installed apps:

  7zip 18.01
  uru 0.8.5 []

PS C:\> uru ver
uru v0.8.5 [windows/386 go1.10]

Uninstall uru

PS C:\> scoop uninstall uru -p
Uninstalling 'uru' (0.8.5).
Running uninstaller script...
---> Deleting uru wrapper scripts from C:\Users\jmaken\scoop\shims
Unlinking ~\scoop\apps\uru\current
'uru' was uninstalled.

Upgrade uru

TODO: figure out how to easily upgrade