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atomicparsley / Building for Windows

Building AtomicParsley for Windows

Pre-requisites: + MinGW - MinGW | Minimalist GNU for Windows + zlib - zlib.net

There's a mingw shell script in Downloads that automates all this...

Building zlib from source for MinGW

Note: Foosatraz was able to build Wez AtomicParsley with the MinGW zlib, without building it separately. Info here.

Fetch and unpack a copy of zlib from http://zlib.net/zlib125.zip

Build it with

$ make -f win32/Makefile.gcc

Unfortunately make install doesn't seem to work, so install it by hand:

$ cp zconf.h zlib.h /mingw/include/; cp libz.a libzdll.a /mingw/lib/; cp zlib1.dll /mingw/bin/

Building AtomicParsley from source

Fetch and unpack a copy of AtomicParsley from here, https://bitbucket.org/jonhedgerows/atomicparsley/get/tip.zip

Tweak the version number in configure.ac to something that reflects that the build is not of a tagged version (unless you've pulled a tag...)

e.g. in configure.ac, around line 8, change [0.9.4] to [0.9.4-hgvv.cccccccccccc] where vv.cccccccccccc is the commit number and changeset id (from the Commits tab above).

Then build it - make needs to be told to make a static version, otherwise you'll need to drag some dlls around with the program.

$ autogen.sh
$ ./configure --prefix=/mingw
$ make LDFLAGS=-static
$ strip AtomicParsley.exe