Georg Brandl committed a110b16

Remove compatibility code for Pygments < 1.2.

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     # parser is not available on Jython
     parser = None
-from sphinx.util.texescape import tex_hl_escape_map_old, tex_hl_escape_map_new
+from sphinx.util.texescape import tex_hl_escape_map_new
 from sphinx.ext import doctest
-escape_hl_chars = {ord(u'@'): u'@PYGZat[]',
-                   ord(u'['): u'@PYGZlb[]',
-                   ord(u']'): u'@PYGZrb[]'}
+escape_hl_chars = {ord(u'\\'): u'\\PYGZbs{}',
+                   ord(u'{'): u'\\PYGZob{}',
+                   ord(u'}'): u'\\PYGZcb{}'}
 # used if Pygments is not available
 parsing_exceptions = (SyntaxError, UnicodeEncodeError)
             # first, escape highlighting characters like Pygments does
             source = source.translate(escape_hl_chars)
             # then, escape all characters nonrepresentable in LaTeX
-            source = source.translate(tex_hl_escape_map_old)
-            return '\\begin{Verbatim}[commandchars=@\\[\\]]\n' + \
+            source = source.translate(tex_hl_escape_map_new)
+            return '\\begin{Verbatim}[commandchars=\\\\\\{\\}]\n' + \
                    source + '\\end{Verbatim}\n'
     def try_parse(self, src):
             hlsource = highlight(source, lexer, formatter)
             if self.dest == 'html':
                 return hlsource
-            elif hlsource.startswith(r'\begin{Verbatim}[commandchars=\\\{\}'):
-                # Pygments >= 1.2
+            else:
                 return hlsource.translate(tex_hl_escape_map_new)
-            else:
-                return hlsource.translate(tex_hl_escape_map_old)
         except ErrorToken:
             # this is most probably not the selected language,
             # so let it pass unhighlighted


 tex_escape_map = {}
 tex_replace_map = {}
-tex_hl_escape_map_old = {}  # replacement map for Pygments <= 1.1
-tex_hl_escape_map_new = {}  # replacement map for Pygments >= 1.2
-_old_cmd_chars = {ord(u'\\'): u'@', ord(u'{'): u'[', ord(u'}'): u']'}
+tex_hl_escape_map_new = {}
 def init():
     for a, b in tex_replacements:
     for a, b in tex_replacements:
         if a in u'[]{}\\': continue
         tex_hl_escape_map_new[ord(a)] = b
-        tex_hl_escape_map_old[ord(a)] = b.translate(_old_cmd_chars)
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