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Separate just library docs?

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It is great having the docs in info again, so many thanks for that.

It would be nice to get only the library docs, however. That way searches would work better and pressing 't' to get to the top of the file would go somewhere usable.

It is actually less useful to have what's new in Python 2.5, for example.

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  1. Jon Waltman repo owner

    I agree about "What's new in Python" being the first section is not very useful. The current layout is the same as the one in the HTML version and didn't require making changes in the source files. It wouldn't be difficult to change though, I might do that.

    I think separating the info files would be less useful though.

    The first reason being a limitation in the conversion process (done by Sphinx) which doesn't support cross references between separate info files. Even if it did, cross file references are more verbose than local ones since they include the target file in the output and their would be tons of these references.

    The top node might be easier to manage using separate docs but it wouldn't include additional menu entries that aren't already present in the current one. Pressing 'm' would just direct you to a subset of the current ones.

    Having all the docs in the same file also makes it easier to isearch through everything. I do this a lot of the time instead of remembering where stuff is and trying to navigate the menus. This also makes it convenient to find every single time a particular object is mentioned (be it in the "what's new" section, the language reference or where ever).

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