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fis offered for

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 <ul id="list-offers">
   {% for item in offers %}
   <li class="{{item.status}}-item offer">
-  <p>status: <strong>{{item.status}}</strong></p>
-  {%with as item %}  
+  <!--p>status: <strong>{{item.status}}</strong></p-->
+  {%with as item %}
     <div class="target">
     {%endwith %}
-  {%with item.offered as item %}  
+  {%with item.offered as item %}
     <div class="offered">


 def offers(request):
-    offers = TradeOffer.objects.filter(offered__owner=request.facebook.user)
+    offers = TradeOffer.objects.filter(offered__owner=request.facebook.user,
+        status='snt')
     context = {
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