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Fixing google compiler warnings

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         if (!window.localStorage) {
             throw 'SnapWebStorageNotSupported';
-            return {};
          = function (uid, contents) {


             for (key in a) {
                 currentKey = key;
-                var isSame = _compare(a[key], b[key]);
-                if(!isSame) {
-                    // break;
-                }
+                isSame = _compare(a[key], b[key]);
             return isSame;


         if (!window.Sizzle) {
             throw 'SnapSizzleNotFound';
-            return null;
         that.getRoot = function () {


         if (!JSON) {
             throw 'SnapJSONParserNotFound';
-            return {};
         that.serialize = function (obj) {


         that.serialize = function () {
             if (!snapshot.contents) {
                 throw 'SnapEmptySnapshot';
-                return false;
             return serializer.serialize(snapshot);
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