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mail setup in LogTailer module fix due to refactor and some other minor bug

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-xx/xx/xx release 2.6
+26/06/10 release 2.6
-- Warning keyword level included
+- "warning" keyword level included. Some 
+apps log "warning" instead of "warn".
 - filter notifications implemented
 - actions refactored into notifications 
 - pausemode refactored into modes
 - Mail notification provides SSL and 
 from now on the details will be specified in 
 a configuration file. Password will be introduced 
-during runtime to avoid leaving it in plain format.
+during runtime to avoid leaving it in plain ascii 
 - updated documentation
 release 1.1 
-- Provides installation (discutils)
+- Provides installation (distutils)
 - Emulates the same behaviour as tail 
 command when printing the log headers while
 Basic functionality
+This a quick setup to get you up and running. Please refer to the 
+documentation provided in the log4tailer project webpage at googlecode: 
 Untar and run :-)
 Silent Mode:
-log4tail -s fullpathToLogs
+log4tail -s -c configfile fullpathToLogs
 Silent Mode activates SMTP email action and alerts will be sent to 
 the address specified. Log4Tailer will request for the SMTP options 


 import re
 class ColorParser:
     '''tries to parse 
     defined levels in log4j'''
     def parse(self,line):
         isMatch = self.all.match(line)
         if isMatch:
-            return
+            level =
+            return EQUIVALENT_LEVELS.get(level, level)
         return ''


             elif notification_type == 'mail':
                 if not self.mailIsSetup():
-                    mailAction = setup_mail()
+                    mailAction = setup_mail(properties)
 # along with this program.  If not, see <>.
 import sys 
-    from setuptools import setup
-    pass
-from distutils.core import Command
+from distutils.core import setup, Command
 from unittest import TextTestRunner, TestLoader
 from glob import glob
 from os.path import isdir, splitext, basename, join as pjoin
 specific levels or lines. 
-    from distutils.core import setup
-    print "You need to install distutils python module"
-    sys.exit()
 class Test(Command):
     user_options = []
     def run(self):
+        self.run_command("clean")
         # mv log4tail module to log4tail
         shutil.copy('', 'log4tail')
         # check everything is ok
             print "I just run sdist and no dist??"
 def getDeployPackages():
     import glob
     log4tailerpackages = []