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  \item Executor (see \autoref{sec:executor})
  \item Poster (see \autoref{sec:poster})
  \item PrintShot (see \autoref{sec:PrintShot})
+ \item SlowDown (see \autoref{sec:slowdown})
 \subsection{Print Notification}
 traced by that software. It would be good for software documentation purposes
 as well. 
+When activated with the command line parameter \emph{slowdown} it will slow
+down the tailing any time it finds a target, warning, error or fatal log
+traces. Currently, it will tail one trace per second up to ten consecutives
+It can be activated as follows:
+ log4tail --slowdown pathToLogs
 \section{Pause Modes}
 As of release 1.2 \logftailer{} includes pausemodes feature. You will be able