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Jon Drews
created an issue

Please add Trace to your log levels. Currently I'm using '-t TRACE' to colorize my log4j log file trace messages.But they end up red background and white text. Red Background stuff generally screams something broke in the sysadmin world.


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  1. jordilin repo owner

    Yeah, that can be done easily. In the meantime, if you have a config file let's say:

    backgroundemph=yellow, on_cyan

    whatever line matching TRACE would be emphasized in yellow with a background cyan.

    Execute log4tailer like:

    log4tail -c config.cfg -t TRACE yourlog.log

    You can put your config in your home directory as ~/.log4tailer and you won't need to pass the -c in command line.

  2. Jon Drews reporter


    Thanks for the tip. I didn't know the trick about ~/.log4tailer. That'll be very helpful. I was using aliases to always point to a config file that gets my debug messages into white (using black background terminals).

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