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I noticed that the output has a lot of empty lines. On one hand I don't understand why there are empty lines at all - but I guess there is a good reason for that - on the other hand I would suggest to offer at least an option to suppress empty lines.

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  1. jordilin repo owner

    By default log4tailer leaves no empty lines in between log traces. If you are using a black blackground in the terminal, debug levels are going to appear as empty because it uses black as foreground. You need to change log4tailer log level default colors depending on your terminal colors. Default colors work well in clear backgrounds.

    You can change colors easily in configuration file, saying debug = green for example. Then, log4tailer -c config yourlog.log You can take a look at the userguide provided, section 7.1.1 where it specifies color combinations.

    By the way, spacing in between log traces can be changed easily specifying tracespacing = 2 in config file if you want 2 white lines for instance.

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