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Last line truncated when ssh tailing

created an issue


I noticed a problem when running ssh tailing

The last line is truncated every time logs from this hostname is showed, and the next time that hostname logs are showed the first line will be the rest of that last line.

*** myhost * loglogloglog .... logologlog ****otherhost* otherlogotherlog ... otherlogotherlog *myhost***** continue last logloglog line from mylog ...

I'm attaching a patch solves this problem, saving last line and prepending to the first line next time.

Sorry for my patches, there were wrong (with new files and wrong indent issues)


Comments (2)

  1. i5513 reporter


    I'm attaching a second patch, wich try address various issues that had my first.

    I had to short self.hostnameChannels[hostname], so we can maintain 80 character width limit

    This patch is assuming that printhostname option is added to init.py and log4tail.py


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