1. Turn on module.
  2. Create a js file with the theme, EX. THEME_NAME/js/CONTENT_TYPE-jspdf.js.
  3. Place the pdf save class on text or button, see line 61 in SAMPLE.js, this will make the element clickable and generate a pdf.
  4. If you need any images from the node to show in the pdf you will need to set the display formatter of the image field to Base64, jspdf only uses base64 images. This formatter displays the regular image and generates a hidden div with a unique ID which can be pulled from the js file we created above. To see the js code look at line 27 in SAMPLE.js.


The jspdf libraries come from http://parall.ax/products/jspdf. There is a cool on page editor perfect for learning, I suggest anyone new to jspdf go there.