tdu - Top Disk Usage

This command-line tool estimates the disk space occupied by all files in a given path. It displays a sorted list of the biggest items. The estimation method is similar to the du -skx command from GNU Coreutils package.

Program usage

Usage: tdu [options] [directory]

  -b n       Number of big files shown (default 7)

  -l n       Number of depth1 items shown (default 15)

  --nomax    Do not show deepest and longest paths

  -o file    Export result to Ncdu JSON format

  --version  Program info and usage
  --license  Show the GNU General Public License V2
  --help     Program help

Quick start guide for end users

Quick start guide for advanced users / developers

  • You need a Go compiler
  • Do not use Go v1.12 or v1.12.1 on Windows, because of this issue: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/30883
  • Clone the git repository or download the source archive.
  • Run 'make' or 'build.cmd' to build the binary

Other Operating Systems

  • If you use FreeBSD or macOS, please test the code and submit patches for supporting those operating systems.

Project information: