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This is the home of my opensource code snippets. It is currently a bit sparse,
but it will contain a fair bit more once I get around to sorting through the carnage of my private repositories!

Repository Overview

Thusfar, this repository contains the items below, but more is on the way!

  • LogBlog: Code for Riemann sums and testing logging for the Logging Sensibly blog post.
  • Logalytics: A lightweight supplement to Google Analytics using Mongo, Ruby, and Javascript
  • Cocktaildemo: A very basic Java SOA web application intended for webapp newbies. In need of some graphic design TLC!
  • Utilities: Some useful utility files. Currently includes (1) some generic javascript utilities and (2) an adaptation of D3 for
    mixed scatter / line graphs in the spirit of PHP, Java and C# utilities in the pipeline!
  • Games: Some bits and pieces I have been playing with for my children's websites. I expect they will all be javascript
    based games just for ease of deployment. First one up is memory (with historic women, but just change the images and the
    server file for men in history, landmark buildings, foreign phrases, or whatever else you want to teach your kids!)
  • Tools: All manner of wheel reinvention!
  • Gitchoo: Just a quick little tool to get a single daily email of issues on Github repos of interest
  • Geoip: A trivial wrapper for Maxmind's Geoip to use with Logalytics.
    *DbBlog: Data and code for the It's the data blog post.