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Minecontrol for Minecraft / Home


Java Web Start (recommended) or Executable Jar file


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Enjoy Minecraft like it was made for the Microsoft Xbox 360 on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine with this Java app called Minecontrol. It takes gamepad input (using JInput) and converts it into mouse and keyboard commands.

What you’ll need

  • A copy of Minecraft
  • A wired or wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (this or this), which can connect to your computer
  • A recent version of Java
  • Minecontrol (Java web start app, alternate installation below)

One, two, three

  • Connect the controller to the computer
  • Launch Minecontrol (Java web start app), accepting the certificate.
  • Launch Minecraft and choose the world, with your mouse inside the game.

Assuming all went well, you should now be able to use the controller to perform almost any Minecraft action. Although not yet configurable, here’s the list of things you can do:

  • Left joystick – move/strafe
  • Right joystick – look around/move cursor
  • Left trigger – “right click”
  • Right trigger – “left click”
  • Left joystick button – walk
  • Right joystick button/A – jump
  • B – open inventory
  • X – discard item
  • Left shoulder – “scroll up”
  • Right shoulder – “scroll down”
  • Y – change perspective
  • Start – pause
  • Select – toggle right joystick sensitivity

A shortcut will be placed on your desktop and this app will auto update if necessary. You can also use this to control your mouse outside the game.

Happy mining!

Upcoming 1.1.x Roadmap

  • Better controller connection handling & support
  • Analog joystick -> walk/run