hgadmin has problems with repository in subdirectories

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Most of the repositories I have are in subdirectories of the top level repo directory in order to keep things organized and sane. (I have >100 repositories) hgadmin has several problems with this:

1) It doesn't find any of the repositories that are configured through a wildcard path in hgweb.config. i.e. with just this present, no repositories show up even though I have dozens present: {{{ [paths] / = /repos/** }}}

2) Trying to create a repository in a subdirectory complains with: {{{ Alert: Creating a repository requires a valid name:

contains only alpha-numerics, dashes or underscores

between 1 and 255 characters long.


3) Trying to modify a repository that is explicitly configured in hgweb.config with something like this: {{{ foo/bar = /repos/foo/bar }}}

results in:

{{{ Alert: Repository configuration could not be found or contains invalid characters and cannot be displayed. Contact your repository administrator to fix this issue. A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Undefined index: bWV4 Filename: libraries/iniparser.php Line Number: 156 }}}

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