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Mercurial Repository Manager for PHP
Mercurial Shared-server (hgwebdir.cgi) Deployments
Mercurial 1.3.1-compliant
PHP 5.2-compliant
CodeIgniter 1.7.2-compliant
Provides an interface to edit the hgweb.config and hgrc files of
Mercurial repositories hosted with the standard hgwebdir.cgi web script.

Included are their relative installation directories to the top domain. This application assumes '/admin' will
be used to access the interface. To function properly, no Mercurial repository should have the name 'admin' prior to this installation.

* server supports Mercurial (visit web site for more information)
* server supports PHP
* all files and folders are writable by the server in:
	* cgi-bin, where Mercurial holds it's configuration and repositories
	* /admin/lock, where this application exercises optimistic locking and has a small amount of scratch space

Configuration files:
Must revise and edit these configuration files before installation is complete. In /admin/application/config/:
	* config.php - standard CodeIgniter setup
	* hgphp.php - Mercurial-related defaults
	* mantis_auth.php - in future, for Mantis BT session integration. 
						As of this release, moderates permitted basic-authenticated users.
This system was designed for use with the quick Hg installation guide available at:

More information available on the blog.
Last updated: 5/19/2010
Author: Josh Carrier <>

-- Disclaimer --
This application contains code written by other developers
- EllisLab, Inc. (CodeIgniter)
- Philip Sturgeon (CodeIgniter Template Class)
- Selenic (Mercurial theme stylesheets and logo)
This application is provided as-is, without warranty or held liabilities of any kind 
and by using this software you are accepting all subjected licence agreements. 
Do not modify the licensing and credentials attributed to the aforementioned
developers or the author of this application.