How to install Mercurial on shared hosting and setup HG-PHP

Setup phpHgAdmin



Version 1.1 is released! The minor version bump is for

  • extended support for special characters in config files
  • multi-profile support, so multiple hgweb.config files can be maintained from one phpHgAdmin installation
  • user interface can be completely controlled by a theme pack, with a Wordpress look & feel
  • significantly cleaned and re-structured, with caching
  • install utility: phpHgAdmin config validator

Upgrade instructions: recommend a fresh install. v1.1 now uses the 'paths' group instead of 'collections' in hgweb.config. These changes should be manually carried out. You should manually repair the hgweb.config file. An entry:


/path/to/repo/name = name

should now be referred to as


name = /path/to/repo/name

You still get all the same benefits from the previous 1.0 release

  • create and delete repositories
  • edit individual repository (hgrc) config in real-time
  • optimistic concurrency control: safeguard against unintentional config overwrites
  • translations-ready for your language


1.0.x directory repo editor 1.0.x


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