packages/apps/SEAndroidAdmin /

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Stephen Smalley
Rename and update strings for SEAdmin. Eliminate "SEAndroid" or "SE Android" from package name and strings. Signed-off-by: Stephen Smalley <>
Robert Craig
General cleanup. Signed-off-by: Robert Craig <>
Robert Craig
Replace apache code with guava jar.
Joman Chu
Fork SEAndroidManager to become a Device Admin app Includes major changes to the UI to support taking of locks needed to change SELinux and MMAC settings via the Device Admin API.
William Roberts
This patch enables the avc denied logging feature in the SE Android SEAndroidManager application.
Stephen Smalley
Save settings immediately, handle SELinux disabled and no booleans cases, and remove unneeded libraries. Author: James Carter <> - Save enforcing and boolean values immediately when set, not on shutdown. - Display SELinux disabled fragment when SELinux is disabled. - Display empty list message if boolean list is empty. - Remove unneeded libraries.
Stephen Smalley
SEAndroid Manager.