storm-1104 / indra / newview / skins / minimal / xui / de / menu_avatar_other.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- *NOTE: See also menu_attachment_other.xml -->
<context_menu name="Avatar Pie">
	<menu_item_call label="Profil anzeigen" name="Profile..."/>
	<menu_item_call label="Freund hinzufügen" name="Add Friend"/>
	<menu_item_call label="IM" name="Send IM..."/>
	<menu_item_call label="Anrufen" name="Call"/>
	<menu_item_call label="In Gruppe einladen" name="Invite..."/>
	<menu_item_call label="Ignorieren" name="Avatar Mute"/>
	<menu_item_call label="Melden" name="abuse"/>
	<menu_item_call label="Einfrieren" name="Freeze..."/>
	<menu_item_call label="Hinauswerfen" name="Eject..."/>
	<menu_item_call label="Fehler in Texturen beseitigen" name="Debug..."/>
	<menu_item_call label="Hineinzoomen" name="Zoom In"/>
	<menu_item_call label="Bezahlen" name="Pay..."/>
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