Luke Plant committed c60feb1

Removed setting of all 'COMM' tags apart from the default comment type when writing sermon ID3 tags.

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                   sermon.date_delivered.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') + ' ' +
-    if sermon.bible_book != '':
-        tags.add(COMM(encoding=UTF8, lang='eng', desc='Sermon.bible_book', text=sermon.bible_book))
-    if sermon.passage != '':
-        tags.add(COMM(encoding=UTF8, lang='eng', desc='Sermon.passage', text=sermon.passage))
-    if sermon.series is not None:
-        tags.add(COMM(encoding=UTF8, lang='eng', desc='Sermon.series',
     topics = sermon.topics.all()
-    if len(topics) > 0:
-        tags.add(COMM(encoding=UTF8, lang='eng', desc='Sermon.topics', text=u','.join(
-           for t in topics)))
     comment = ("""
  Speaker: %(speaker)s
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