Some Examples

This repository contains a collection of code examples and snippets (mainly Python and MyHDL) that I have put together. Many of the projects from the MyHDL user-space are included in this repository. Most of the examples / projects don't justify their own repository.

List of current examples:

  • MyHDL modbv example. This is a example of the modbv type usage. The modbv is a new type in MyHDL 0.8.
  • Simple IIR. This is a simple IIR Lowpass Direct Form I Filter implemented in MyHDL. More information available: blog post and code snippet.
  • Recursive FFT. This defines an FFT in MyHDL. Verilog and VHDL can be generated for the FFT. Information available in the MyHDL user-space (link above) and from the FFT code snippet.