What is it?

This package started off as a fork of the excellent NPanday WiX plugin. I did so because the npanday plugin depended (unnecessarily)on packages that are no longer available. Since then this wix-maven-plugin has been extended to deal with correctly escaping paths.


  • The WiX Toolset must be installed.
  • Make sure that the WiX bin directory is on your path. Normally C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.8\bin.




To get the version from your maven pom.xml into the file, I put the Installer.wxs file into an installer directory and configured that directory for resource filtering.


You can then use maven substitutions in the Installer.wxs file. e.g. In the Product tag, set Version="{majorVersion}.${minorVersion}.${incrementalVersion}".

WiX doesn't like a version number that ends in -SNAPSHOT which is why ${project.version} is not recommended.