Combining all isolation geometries into one geometry object

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phdussud created an issue

I would much prefer that the isolation command would create only one object containing all of the isolation passes. This way I can produce the complete CNC object in one step. My current workflow entails to join the geometries of all of the passes, delete the passes (for better plots) and then produce the CNC object and save it. Joining the geometries and deleting them afterwards feels like a waste of time. As Juan says, it should be an option keyed off a checkbox in the UI

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  1. Juan Pablo Caram repo owner

    Some guidelines:

    • Start in The UIs for specific kinds of objects are defined there.
    • Add a checkbox by copying an example from an already existent checkbox. If I remember right, the checkbox widget is sub-classes from the original Qt checkbox.
    • Add the corresponding "property" to the Gerber object. Something like "join_passes".
    • Then edit the method called when the "Create ..." button is clicked. This automatically reads the UI and updates the properties. Never read directly from the UI yourself.
    • I guess you know how to go from there.
  2. Juan Pablo Caram repo owner

    Yes, it's obsolete. I'm just keeping it there for reference. I migrated from GTK to Qt long ago. But I still think it's a good idea to keep it around just in case.

  3. Juan Pablo Caram repo owner

    I just saw your comment in the forum. Are you still having trouble with that?

    The UI was coded by hand. So, not QtDesigner stuff! I sub-classed several UI components and using an UI design tool does not lend itself well for inheritance.

    Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

  4. phdussud reporter

    No I am good. I did the basic code (check box and code that goes with it and code that implements the feature). I am not wondering about the settings page. It would be nice to be able to set the default like other values. Also I need to look into the TCL command to pass the value as well.

  5. phdussud reporter

    I think I am all done. I am going to do some more testing, sleep on it and I will push it to my fork tomorrow, time permitting

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