Geometry Editor - Failure on attempting second 'Cut' operation on the same Edit

Issue #252 closed
Marius Stanciu created an issue

FlatCAM master branch, on Windows 10 x64 can't perform two sequential cut operations over the same shape.

To reproduce the issue please do the following:

  1. Create a horizontal rectangle - it will be the shape to be cut

  2. Perpendicular on it create a second rectangle - it will be the cutting shape

  3. Select the first rectangle (shape to be cut) and then select the second one (the cutter)

  4. Press the Cut button

  5. As expected, the first rectangle was cut

  6. Select the 'cutter' shape and move it to the right of the cut

  7. Select the right part of the first rectangle (that one is now split into two parts by the first cut) as the shape to be cut and then select the 'cutter' shape.

  8. Perform Cut by clicking the Cut button.

  9. Nothing happen, the shape to be cut is still whole

  10. Cut operation is no longer available, when clicking the Cut button it stays OFF (not checked)

  11. Click Update geometry and then Edit geometry again.

  12. By selecting the shapes of the first rectangle (now is splitted by the first cut) we see that the left part is no longer a contiguous shape but is split in two although we didn't do anything at that location.

  13. By selecting again the rest of the first shape and second the cutter shape, we can perform a second cut, even a third cut but the parts to be removed are still painted on screen.

  14. We try to delete the cutter shape, but the shape stay and the screen is not updated.

  15. After we click 'Update Geometry' second time we see that the cutter shape vanish like the delete is performed only now. The parts to be removed by second and third cut vanish.

LE: Pictures attached present a process without the 3rd cut.

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