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German Translation is Horrible at some points. I would correct it if you tell me were to do so. I’m not into python programming.

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  1. Marius Stanciu


    I know 🙂 It’s google-translated and after a while I just stopped making the corrections and just copy/pasted from Google Translate.

    My German is very very rusty (I almost never used it in the past 10 years or more) and it did helped but the translation work is horrendous for me so in the end I just copy-pasted things.
    I started to do it so it will be easier for someone to take on the job.
    Actually in the latest commits I modified all the strings in the app to make it even easier to translate.

    All you need is to download from the source file the strings.pot file and load it in the PoEdit software (there is a open-source version, download from here:

    The .POT file can be downloaded from here:

    Pay attention if you encounter strings in square brackets like this: [success], [ERROR_NOTCL], [WARNING_NOTCL], [ERROR], or [WARNING]. They should not be anymore but some may have survived. Make sure to have it NOT translated and kept in the same form. I mean, you will translate the rest of the string that contain the above but keep those sections not translated.

    Also, you may see strings that have the %s or %d or %f. Keep those like this as those are placeholders where the application will replace something. Also strings like this: {bla_bla} has to be kept not translated and in the same form as in the source as they are also the newer form of placeholders.

    The HTML tags have to be also not-translated. If you see things like <b>, </b>. nbsp; and so on, try to keep them the same.

    Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help! I just added a translators section in the About window of FlatCAM and your name will go there as the one who made the corrections 🙂

    Best regards,

    Using the .POT file will make you do the whole translation. Better if you load the already made German translation and correct it.
    Download it from here:
    It.s the string.po file that you want to download and load into PoEdit software.

    The result after you finish the corrections and you save the work in PoEdit will be two files: the strings.po and the Those you need to send to me.

  2. Marius Stanciu

    If you started to work on the translation, I’m sorry but you need to get the newest . PO file from repository (above link) as I’ve fixed a number of issues.

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