Many of G-Code Files filters in the "Export Machine Code" when "Save CNC Code" (v8.991)

Issue #400 closed
Leandro Heck created an issue

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  1. Marius Stanciu

    In another post I’ve said that the Linux File manager is working differently than Windows or MacOS. It does not show the name of the extensions. What you see there is a list that allow the user to pick an extension to use when saving; there are many extensions to pick from.

    In Windows it looks like this:

    So if this is a bug, it is a bug in Linux.

  2. Marius Stanciu

    Actually I made a kind of hack to counter this issue in Linux although it makes things not so nice in Windows. I’ve extra added the extension in the name so in Windows it will be duplicated but at least in Linux the user can understand what is selecting and not clicking blindly.

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